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Sudden 5G speed drop in NN4 7AW area


I've been using a Three 5G router  (Zyxel NR5103E) as my only broadband in NN4 7AW since October 2022, suddenly a week ago the speed dropped from a consistent 100 to 150 Mbps to less than 2. 

I spoke to the support team who sent a new router and sim, exactly the same issue.

Using cellmapper on my mobile, which also uses Three, I can see that the nearest cell which I have generally connected to has dropped to very low speeds on 5G.  There are other cells further away and if I manage to get the mobile to connect  at 5G to those for a few minutes the speed goes right up.

I have moved the router around to no avail, in the end I have tied the router down to 4G and am getting about 20Mbps, far from what it was on 5G. Support have suggested that this is due to congestion but no idea on why this suddenly occurred or how / when it will be fixed.

I'm on the edge of 5G coverage but it has been fine until a week ago.

Has anyone else seem similar instances and any thoughts on how to proceed?




Sorry to be so reductive...but it's Three.
You could tie yourself up outside their headquarters and it wouldn't make a difference.
You can get into long, life draining discussions with the risible customer service, or as you have done, or in sheer desperation, come to this forum.
Somebody will offer to help, maybe escalate your issue (not sure how that works), but in the end you'll end up taking the only sensible decision, leave Three.
Then begins the nightmare of leaving Three, costly and soul destroying.

Three. Do not provide what they advertise. Fast internet.
It's a bad product, with no guarantees, no service and zero faith.
I rue the day I signed up for this Faustian pact.
but it will end.
It will.


Same here in NN3, support has told me that a mast is being upgraded, the 'best people' are working on it, but there is no ETA, i'm seeing 'normal' upload speeds at ~14Mbps but download has dropped from ~400Mbps to ~2Mbps


I found some additional info from this website, it might go back to normal after tomorrow maybe? 


Three works

25 Mar '24 10:00 to 27 Mar '24 23:59

Work description

MEWP required for the installation for 3no MIMO antennas. Ensure bird deterrents are secured and fins installed around connectors at the upper headframe. Fibre testing to be conducted on 12no cores.


Hutchison 3G Ltd

Permit status


Works last updated

25 Mar 2024 11:14:25

Last updated on one.network

25 Mar 2024 11:14:41


We can but hope, currently I may as well be using carrier pigeon.


I was told by 3 that it was because they are phasing out 3G but think this is just an excuse I have had no issues with it before and live about 500 mtr from the mast in Ecton Brook they sent me a different modem out as mine was old but still have really poor signal.My father who is also in the NN3 area but is about 300 mtr in Rectory Farm also has very poor connection as well. Just convinced my girlfriend in the NN2 Obelisk drive area to get it she can only get a 4G modem I set hers up and it's working really well this must be a localised issue. I have been unable to stream from my streaming sites for over a week and will be getting in touch with 3 for compensation 


Agree that sounds like an excuse, I had three different reasons from Three when I called, firstly a router or sim issue, then engineering works and finally congestion. I think the call centre just does lucky dip on a response.

I've tied my router down to 4G for now and am getting usable speeds at least but nowhere near what they were before, every few days I release it back to 5G to test and it drops to about 1 to 2 Mbps which is basically wet string speeds.


been with 3 for years but going to have to cancel the contract I have not been able to stream anything for over a week paying for skysports and not being able to use it 3 has really dropped the ball on this got mobile with 3 as well going switch that as well 


Still rubbish, I've tied the router down to 4G and improved speed to 20 to 30 Mbps but as soon as I let it go back to 5G I get 2Mbps if I'm lucky. SIgnal shows as excellent and generally -90db or thereabouts, I don't know what Three have done to the 5G network in the NN3 NN4 area but they have really managed to screw it up.