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Three is blocking google safe search


I can no longer turn Google safe search off. When ever I try it tells me:

“You can't change your SafeSearch setting at the moment because someone else, like a parent or administrator, controls settings on the network, browser or device that you’re using”


soon as I disconnect from the WiFi I have instant access to select my level of filtering so it’s a three based setting. Looked all over for some way to deactivate it but cannot find anything. 

my account has the adult filter removed but it seems to be blocking everything. 

anyone know what’s going on?

Community Support Team
Community Support Team


It sounds like the filter is not fully deactivated, as the message you're getting would normally only show up when it's active. It's possible something has gone wrong, but you should be able to get that fixed by popping through to the support team on 333 or live chat, and requesting for them to make sure the filter is off.



By default the adult filter is switched on, log into your Three account, and disable it. You may be asked to enter a credit card to do this, no charge, just to verify age. This is what I did and it worked.