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Tike for rings to voicemail


Hi just wanted to change my phone ring time before diverting to voicemail from 30s to 15, saw some 'codes' that can be dialled in to set this up but had no luck with those and saw on some other posts it has to be done my 3. Just called customer service and was told it's not a setting they can do. Is this something that can be done here? Or is this just not available. If it matters I'm using an s24 ultra.

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The code to increase the ringtone to 30 seconds used to be **61*YOUR NUMBER••30#. I’ve used it myself but not for many months so can’t guarantee it’ll work. It’s the correct code as was as I’ve got it stored in my contacts list for some reason.

Obviously replace the 30 with 15 for 15 seconds.

Good luck