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Finally Three let me merge 4 accounts into one account!


Finally three let me merge all my accounts into one. Having been unable to get this solved when the new website was launched, I finally had to deal with this as on of my numbers went out of contract.

I used the live chat, asked to solve the issue, and the advisor was able to merge all four accounts under one. I can now login with just one email address / password and am presented with a list of four accounts to choose from. I can also switch between them once logged in.

This should have been sorted at the outset of the new system but at least it is sorted out now, with needing multiple email addresses after all!


I'm so glad you were able to get the result you wanted. I tried on more than one occasion to get this done, but although the support agent told me that the change had been made, it didn't work. Had to resort to creating multiple Gmail accounts (Google were not happy) to manage multiple SIM cards. Why the app doesn't let us do this is beyond me. I know it used to work.


I have become so frustrated with this. I’ve been a customer since 3 opened their doors and have 5 accounts. When the “upgrade” happened I was told by senior people that it was to help make things easier and better for customers. Really!!

So yesterday after calling 3 and being told yet again I had to have different emails, I spent around 4 hours creating email addresses, adding them to the accounts via live chat and re-registering. I now have 4 of my 5 accounts working (my own account frustratingly is the one I can’t re-register) and now have to spend more time chatting to resolve it.

Now I find out, a day later, that accounts CAN now be merged after wasting all the time and the operators didn’t tell me this!! 

Don3 customer service read these posts? If you do, please please sort this out and make it clear to customers that merging accounts is an option again. This issue has tested my resolve to stay with 3 after 20 years but when my accounts are at renewal stage, I will consider other operators. 


Really?! I am so glad you have managed to merge your accounts! I have 5 contracts with Three and they all are separate (apart from the Apple Watch attached to my main mobile account), this is ridiculous! I have asked Three many times to merge them but always been told it is not possible!