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Go Roan Add On Pass


My son went to Thailand and purchased a go roam pass for £50 for 2 weeks, when this didnt work he bought another one also for £50.  When this didn't work either he realised that Thailand may not be one of the roaming countries.  I contacted customer service by phone and also via chat and I have been told that these can not be cancelled or refunded.  They have not been activated and will not be needed in the future for any further travel.  I think it is very unfair to charge £100 for something that is unusable.  I logged a complaint and this was then shut down as not completed due to not being able to refund.  They then suggested going to the Ombudsman if I wasn't happy.  I have seen hat other people have had theirs refunded so surely this is an option for me too.  Please help me with what to do next.  We are very much considering leaving three at the end of our contract as the help and support we have been given has been very poor.

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I very much suspect that Three are approaching this issue from the standpoint of it’s your son’s fault for not doing his research. That’s not to say I agree with them because I don’t. However I think you’ve reached a bit of an impasse so I can only tell you what I’d do in your situation. I’d firstly call customer service again (yes again) and ask if they can sort something out as a gesture of goodwill. Unfortunately customer service can be a bit of a lottery depending on whom you get to deal with. (Wrong I know but fact believe me) Secondly it might also be worth privately messaging one of the admins on this forum @JonathanB . He’s very good and may be able to put you in touch with someone who may take a more sympathetic and rounded view. If you click on your avatar on this forum you’ll see the opportunity to privately message him. 
In conclusion I think you’re on shaky ground here but at least I’ve provided you with a different avenue to explore.

I wish you good luck.

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Community Moderator

Hi @MandaLou74,

I'm sorry to hear about this situation. I've sent you a PM to get you in touch with some help with this.

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