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Have a Pay As You Go question? Read this first


There are 2 different plans on Pay As You Go. The Pay As You Go plan has been available since 7 July 2013, and the New Pay As You Go plan was launched on 12 March 2020. Each plan has a separate app and support options may differ slightly.


To avoid confusion, please add either the “Pay As You Go” or “New Pay As You Go” filter when posting in the Account and Services board.


Not sure which plan you have? When you register a newer Pay As You Go phone number, we automatically award the New Pay As You Go Badge:










Please note – due to remaining stock of the old SIM cards with our distributors, you may have purchased the older Pay As You Go plan after 12 March 2020. Just register on the community with your Pay As You Go number, then check your profile to see if you have the badge.


If you've not signed up yet, you can register here.

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