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Incorrect missed payment on credit file


I’ve been trying to cancel a broadband account with three for at least four months now. I called in December and made payment was made, however January it has showed up on account in arrears!


I called customer service again who were no help and said they were unable to remove the missed payment even though it’s incorrect?!


How do I escalate this because I’m fed up now 


Why do you class the payment as “missed”? Did you miss it ? In which case this is why it’s showing on your credit file. 

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @esi09,

I'm sorry to hear about this situation. In terms of your credit file it will all depend on whether the account actually has been cancelled, and if raising a dispute, is there evidence that the account should have been cancelled earlier making the missed payment an incorrect entry.

It looks like this is your 1st post on the community. Could you give us a bit more info about what has happened, perhaps a timeline of events may make this clearer? For example, when did you 1st get in touch to cancel, what happened next, have you been given a reason for why the account wasn't cancelled?

I'll do my best to help, but we need to understand the situation a bit better.


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