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Three Abuse


My Plan 24 month plan price suddenly doubled. I have repeatedly called customer service for 3 months now. Their response is that it has always been that price. They provided me the to send proof of my contract, but the email address does not receives emails. I get the message There was a problem while delivering your message to and eventually the message fails. I have been a customer with Three for over 10 years, but three customer service is not what it used to be.

It’s unconceivable that a company as large as Three would loose their contract records, they cannot verify their old billing history and that is impossible to send them proof back because the email address they provide bounces back. 

I have already tried phone and chat several times getting nowhere. Does anybody know of another way to get a document to them? Is there any other channel anybody has tried to escalate a complaint?


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I’m pretty sure that email is the correct one as it’s been mentioned lots of times on this forum. Maybe the attachments are too large for the email to be delivered? Try calling them on 333 or using live chat. Failing that maybe one of the mods can support you @JonathanB 


Yes, could be attachment size.

OP can upload attachments to the cloud (Google Drive, Mega etc), make the files shareable and include just those links in the email.

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Community Moderator

Hi @ian333,

The mailbox you'll be trying to contact is sorry if there's been a mix up when you were given this. We should have historical records of your plan and bills though, so I'm surprised you'd have been asked to send in documentation for a dispute like this.

Have you been able to check the bills on My3 to see if there was a discount removed?


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