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Unable to re-register or login to Three+ app after porting number


Recently ported the same number from PAYG to monthly (same Three provider)

Then the Three+ rewards app stopped working. Logged me out at first, re-logging says my password is invalid. Forgetting password gives an error of invalid number. Trying to re-register again says I'm unable to register for Three+, won't even send me the OTP code to confirm number.

Went to Three store, staff speculated that due to my PAYG account being closed, the Three+ rewards system thought I left Three without realising the same number was ported to a monthly plan. Nothing else they could do however.


Update: Finally able to get a live chat technicaly team with decent knowledge and expertise, they found out its due to transferring from PAYG to monthly, the eligiblity criteria on my account was changed and now it doesn't match, hence THREE+ app won't let me register or log in. However they can't do anything about it!! As according to them its done by the system itself and they cannot amend details! What a joke! I'm a paying customer who switched to a pricier plan but I lose benefits?


Any chance you or any members from the Three team could have a look? Doubt I'm the only user that this scenario would occur in