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5G Broadband Hub (NR5103EV2) Wont allow my samsung TV or printer to connect to it!


Hi All,

Three people on the phone recently convinced me to upgrade my previous Three broadband router to this new one and I have had nothing but trouble!

The network appears on both my printer and tv, and the password is entered correctly on both, but they just say connection failed every time! My printer gave me a handy print out ( saying that the authentication method my router was using isnt supported on the printer? I cant see any settings for this in the settings page. Any ideas?

I have changed the APN to manual and IPV4 only as I couldnt access the work VPN. My printer connected fine to my previous ZTE router that Three provided.


Key player

Temporarily turn off router security - do things then connect?

If so - choose an alternative to the security method previously used on router.


I had some devices that would not connect. They would connect to the guest network so they used that. You might have to enable the guest network - I can't recall.