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Unusable phone & broadband


Tldr: latency swings wildly, upload uncontactable from one second to the next, download is consistent & fine, not my device(s) but the mast, fed up with being fobbed off by technical support


For several weeks now my upload connections are unusable inconsistent, at my home address only, this doesn't happen when connected to other Three masts away from the address

This is two different Three devices so is not the the device

Download availability & speeds are consistent with no issues

This is not about upload speeds which wildly swing between 0mbps & 40mbps

The upstream connection is often not available for a second or two, whether browsing websites on my Three phone or gaming on my Three home broadband

This hasn't always been the case and is an obvious technical issue with the local mast (direct line of sight)


Latency spikes between 60ms & yes over 2000ms (two thousand, not hundred)

This doesn't happen with these same devices away from this address

Three blame this on congestion, but this is an isolated rural area and is no different at 3am as it is at 8pm

It is not my device (it's two of them), it doesn't happen away from the address, it hasn't always been this way, as I've used it since 4G came to the area right at the beginning, it is not congestion

I'm fed up with being fobbed off over a technical issue at the local mast (eNB 5585, Cell 1 - 1429761)

Key player

I too have Three broadband and also live in a very rural and somewhat isolated village in West Norfolk and can identify with the issues you mention. BUT the cause really is network congestion. The Three network status for my area gives the generic “there’s an issue which we’re fixing” statement. I (vaguely) know a guy who works at Three Glasgow and he confirmed that the biggest issue faced by customers is congestion which they are attempting to address. Apparently they’ve got their work cut out especially with the decommissioning of 3G. I don’t have a solution for you but hopefully a bit of an insight.