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Still waiting for a replacement tablet after 6 weeks !!!!!


So as a customer I ordered a s9 plus Fe tablet, after being with three for a while. I already have 2 iPhone 14's on contract.
I work for the ambulance service so as you can imagine I work long hours and was looking forward to my tablet. 
When it arrived I was excited, then discovered that the tablet has a defect, the screen is cracked, so got on the phone to three and they agreed to send out a replacement tablet, I thought Great perfect. 
When the "replacement" arrived I knew straight away that it wasn't a tablet, it was a iPhone. 
The delivery driver refused to deliver it as he noticed that when I brought my device to be exchanged out to him it was a totally different size and shape. 
I asked if I could get a replacement in store as there are 2 stores near me, but since it was issued online a store can not help. 
I got on the phone to three again to ask what has happened, they apologised, said they would send out a proper item exchange replacement. 
six weeks later and having been on the phone weekly tofind out what has been going on, still with no sign of a replacement tablet, I am told that they have not been able to send a replacement out due to low stock. 
This has me very disappointed as I have a sim card I can not use, a 1tb sd card that I can not use, and most importantly a device that I am paying for, but can not use, I keep getting fobbed off and still no replacement. 
I am now getting frustrated and no light at the end of the tunnel. 
Can anyone offer any advice. 


It might be worth your time raising a complaint via this page


Has been raised already and still nothing.