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Let’s talk: It’s prize draw time

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Welcome to Three Community, we’re glad you’re here.


If you haven’t had a look around yet, start with Community info for all the details you need to get going. There are handy tips on how to write posts, how to make the most of your time here and of course, the guidelines.

To get the conversation going right away though, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Don’t share any private details, but introduce yourself and let us know about your favourite bit of tech.

Why not share what you love most about your current devices?

Or any cherished memories of an old classic?

What new features are you hoping to see from the mobile tech of the future?

**Competition now closed**

As a thanks for getting involved and to celebrate our new community, you’ll be automatically entered into our prize draw when you post a comment on one or more of these questions. The prize draw will close at 23:59 on 11 July 2022 and no comments will be counted after that. One winner will be randomly selected on 13 July 2022 from all eligible entries.

The prize? An amazing big night in bundle, brought to you in conjunction with our friends at Three+. With a 32” LG TV, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, a Lenovo SmartTab M10 and a whopping £50 Uber Eats voucher, it’ll set you up perfectly for a big night in.


We’ll drop the winner a Private Message between 15 and 18 July and we’ll announce the winner by their username once they have accepted their prize, by updating this post.  If you do not wish to enter this prize draw, do not comment on this thread. Full terms and conditions here.

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Im Ant and the thung i want the most fornthe future is simple. For a charge to hold longer 🙂


Hello im using motorola edge 20 pro and its nice phone 


I use to have one of those, great phone


It would be good for three to improve reception round the country as it’s very bad in certain areas


I find this issue to! Signal is quite poor a lot of the time 


Reception with three is terrible


In london area it is fine


I have been with three for 19 years now, since day dot. I myself have had some signal issues over the years. But over the past, as time has gone on it has got so much better and even when I receive messages from 3 to say about maintenance, I still seem to have coverage. Plus phones nowadays are so far advanced, they find the signal much easier.


Yup got to agree having a different supplier for my work phone I got to say 3 don’t let me down too often