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No 4G only wifi


For roughly a month I have been unable to connect to the internet unless I am on Wi-Fi. 

Roaming is switched on, turned airplane mode on and off, restarted phone, even went into my local Three store today to replace my old SIM card and update my contract. They said my account looks good to go. Still I cannot use the internet. I am in an area with usually fantastic coverage (near Gatwick Airport). I haven’t travelled out of the country since April and had no issues after returning. This has been going on since June through to now (July). The only posts I’ve found so far are from Feb 2024.

I have never had this issue before. When I happen to be in an old building or in a rural area for work I am unable to even send a whatsapp message or iPhone message. If I end up driving to an area with no service and no WiFi I would be unable to contact anyone for help. When I am off WiFi the 4G or 5G symbol is still present at the top of the screen, most of the time a few bars of signal too, yet nothing will send or load unless it’s a text or call in service if it’s available.

anyone having a similar issue? Anyone resolved this or have any advice? Thank you!


You can contact Customer Service here. 

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @katenicole,

I'm sorry to hear you've been unable to access your mobile data services for so long now, this must be really frustrating. What you've tried so far are all good checks, and eliminate a few possibilities.

Are you able to try your SIM in any other phone? I'd try this next, as it should hopefully help distinguish if we're dealing with some sort of problem with your Three account, or if the problem is with the phone itself.

Let me know if you're able to test this, and depending on the results, we can hopefully identify a solution, or point you to more help.


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