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No data. Never works no matter where I am. I requested a new sim to be told I would need to deactivate my current one and wait up to 10 days to receive the replacement. I didn’t go ahead, waited to renew my sim only contract to be told I would get a new sim sent out without having to deactivate my current one- still not received after 3 months and can’t get any sense out of anyone. Monthly bill should now be £12, twice since I upgraded they have taken £30 out of my account. 


With respect your post is slightly confusing and I’m unsure what the sim has to do with things. Broadly as I understand it you’re unhappy because of poor data performance and based on that understanding I’d advise you to check the Three status page for any outages. That would give you a bit of an understanding of any issues affecting your data. I’m genuinely unsure why you’ve been waiting 3 months for a replacement SIM card and can only suggest you call customer service to ascertain what’s going on. 
I hope you can get things sorted;on this forum we have no access to your account.