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Twitter not loading images on android

To add to the issues i'm facing on my new mobile broadband, I have issues with Twitter (X) not loading images sometimes. The data saver option can help, and its intermittent. Switch to 5G on the handset, no issues, use my BT broadband, no issues.Agai...

Google Nest Mini not working on Mobile Broadband

I have a google nest mini that works fine on my BT Internet broadband, but wont work correctly on my new ZTE888 Mobile broadband router.Its sets up, but after a while just responds "there was a glitch" or similar to any command.I have tried all diffe...

Are Three Having Broadband issues tonight?

I've lost signal on my three mobile broadband several times tonight and now its back, certain site wont load, includingfast.combbc.co.ukThe sites are back now, but there seems to be network coverage issues and DNS issues intermittently, yet no servic...

Poor bandwidth in West Wales

I have had a mobile broadband router at a holiday lodge near New Quay in West Wales since 2021. For the last 15+ months, broadband speed can drop at busy weekends to less than 0.75 Mb/sec. Three has told me that they have been working in the area sin...

docgt40 by Fledgling
  • 2 replies

please help

I have bought a sim card that is mobile broadband it says 24gh and lasts 24 months and a 3 router the first day it worked fine then it stopped working .all the lights are green except the one that reads LTE strenth which is red.when i connect to the ...

billuk3 by Fledgling
  • 5 replies


Hi, i got the new NR5103EV2 broadband 5G unlimited data plan, it works for browsing very well, tiktok and youtube etc, its extremely fast, it wont let me play any games though, i switch to my current wifi and it works with games but not with this

kota1 by Fledgling
  • 1 replies

ZTE MC888 No longer receiving 5G Signal

On the 23rd of November 2023 I purchase a  ZTE MC888 with sim on contract from a 3 shop in NE Lincolnshire.From day 1 up to the 10th March this year 2024 I was getting download speeds on average of 120 mbs, since then I am only getting between 0 and ...

PeterBee by Fledgling
  • 0 replies

Wifi no longer works on chromebook

The connection has been steadily getting worse for months, but around a week ago it stopped working on my chromebook completely. It's mostly okay on my phone and tablet, it connects to the chromebook, but it is just. does not work. It says the signal...