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Operators End Chat Calls - Three Call Centre Scam


Your ‘chat operators’ are ending chat calls in order to not deal with queries. They end calls to send you to the back of queue and leave you re-enter security details, as a barrier rather than dealing with queries. 

They are not providing any service at all and seem to operating a this scam openly in your call centres. 
Any request to speak to manager or supervisor the chat is ended, the chat/app disappears. You’re left to wait again. I have waited a number of times, again enter security details. Spoke to a chat ‘operator’ it is then ended rather than dealt with. 

The process is waiting, entering security text, ask the query, you are then sent to back of queue, sometimes this was a 25 or longer person queue.

Is this policy for Three, why isn’t there any follow up, e.g follow up email, after an enquiry. Do you know your ‘operators’ are doing this, given them the power to end ‘chats’ without any repercussions. 

Local celebrity

Seems to be a recurring theme. I wonder when the merger goes through if 3's or Vodafone's customer services team is kept on. If I worked for three I would be trying to keep my job.

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Hi, I have just spent an hour an a half trying to resolve an issue via chat. As soon as it feels like the operator is unclear of how to deal with the issue I am chucked out of the chat and have to start again. This happened four times. No follow up apart from a text with a link that doesn’t work. Unsure how to sort out my contract with three. @JonathanB