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Why are customers classed as old customers if you try to go e-sim


I joined 3 in October last year. I asked then if they were doing e sim the guy said no , but coming soon

My initial contract started with the 3 month half price.

At the end of the three month  I asked again about e sim again told coming soon.

Im now told they have e sim but I’m classed as an old customer having a sim only since  and if I want to go e sim I have to close my account and pay £250 for an early cancellation fees and open a new one 

Way to go 3 how to keep a customer




Any customer who joined before a certain date are on the old system which unfortunately doesn't support eSIM.

Three are working on migrating customers to the new system in batches this year so eventually you will be able to get an eSIM.

It's a bit frustrating but you will be migrated and will be able to get an eSIM eventually.