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⚠️ Zyxel router admin: Connection not secure. Security certificate is invalid.


When I try to log into the web GUI for the Zyxel router via, it's showing as "connection not secure" as the security certificate is invalid.

This should NOT be the case, as this is what can allow hackers to perform MITM attacks on one's network/devices.

I have now factory reset the router, but the issue has not been resolved. Can Zyxel/Three not pay for a security certificate or fix this? Can they at least send out an email explaining what to do and why the connection is not secure?

Typical. I have spent hours on the phone and via chat with Three, getting nowhere.


Glad someone made the attempt to find out what's going on with it. I think it got broke on a recent update - I seem to recall seeing a post on here about it.


I have this issue also, been looking for a fix but haven't found anything that works yet.