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Can’t use phone abroad


Hi, my phone isn’t working abroad and spend cap isn’t working or showing on the app or web so I can’t see if that’s the issue. None of your operators are available either and not having a phone as a single girl travelling on her own is nothing short of a nightmare. I can’t call three that’s not working, posting here as I don’t know what else to do 


Hi @Mollyparker 

Hope you're doing well.

Have you made sure that the country you are in is part of Threes GoRoam? find out here -

If it is, then great news! I'd suggest restarting your phone. Please make sure that your 'Data roaming' setting is also turned on in settings too. If you still don't have a connection, then go into settings > Network Selection > Automatic, this should out you on the right network, as long as it is part of GoRoam.

For your Spend Cap. You can do this via the App or the Website. As you have already said you are having issues with the spend cap, try our Live Chat option to chat to our Customer Services -

Hopefully this helps, safe travels!

Employee - Retail