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Is it just me or is Three coverage THE WORST?


Years and years of paying to have poor to no signal regardless of which part of the country I'm in (Scotland, Yorkshire, Wales, Midlands, London, Kent) across many different types of phones. Data signal is so so bad. Especially in London. My page is struggling to load even now (for a simple forum). I've called so many times and had silly offers like "we'll reduce £2 off your bill", "have you tried resetting/wiping your phone?", "We're sorry, we value you, turn off data then on again." "Have you tried turning 5G off?". 

The signal when calling is also so bad, I frequently get told people can't hear me.

Three is such an awful network, the only reason I was staying is because I have been on the same network for over 11 years. But its time for me to switch now. Terrible network.

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Here in rural West Norfolk it’s surprisingly good but then it’s probably because the network isn’t so congested here for obvious reasons. That’s no doubt the reason your data throughput is so bad. Three keep saying they’re going to improve things whilst not acknowledging any issues but it wouldn’t surprise me if we have to wait for the proposed Three/Voda merger to bring network improvements.

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Hey @Issthu,

That's really disappointing to hear this has been your experience of Three. We have been and are continuing to invest heavily into our network infrastructure, but if you're continually struggling to stay connected we can understand if you're considering leaving.

I'll send you a PM to get you in touch with some colleagues who'll be happy to look into this further for you.

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