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Network Issues - 01/12/2023

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi Everyone,

A number of customers may be experiencing issues with our network. We are aware of what the issue is and our engineers are working to fix it as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon, please refrain from starting new threads about network issues in the meantime, I expect this will be the same issue in most cases and the service will be restored as soon as possible.

All the new threads created about this today will be merged onto this one so that we can update you all accordingly.


**Update 02/12/2023 1125**

Following yesterday’s network issue the majority of services have been restored.
We’re still seeing a small number of customers not connecting correctly to our network and our engineers are working to fully fix this.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
**Update 02/12/2023 1630**
Following yesterday’s network issue services have now been fully restored. If anyone is still having an issue, they should fully restart their device to reconnect to our network. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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No Coverage at all here, can't even make phone calls. No Broadband for over an hour, it's 5:20pm.

It is unfortunate these companies aren't regulated, as we effectively have no way to complain. Had there been an emergency where someone would have had to contact a family member or similar, who knows what could have happened...


Restored at approx 18:25


The worst part is, a lot of business are going online too. No cash. Whole idea of having a mobile is being mobile. If the network isn't working. You can't be mobile. Half of the stuff you would like to do, you cant, because everything is now online. They apologize for inconvenience, why don't they start reducing our bill end of month for this inconvenience. Compensation of the whole inconvenience. Pay for a service that doesn't even work. 


As of 16:30 today on 1st Dec, my network went down on both my mobile and broadband, I had recently updated my phone and the app but I don't see this having any relevance, and when I try to make call it says no registered network... 


Main point: no cover in Liverpool for me, L25 Area

Woke up this morning, turned my data on my new pay as you go SIM I got Saturday and not working. Put in sim spot 2, worked for a bit and let me make a call. Thought it's just a glitch but still not working when returned to SIM 1. Then tried returning to SIM 2 thinking it'd work but now that stopped. I tried a different three SIM I have, still no cover. I thought we get an SMS saying if there is maintenance? How can I contact my Pa, or my social worker or the doctors from rbmy problems? This is horrible, needs to be fixed asap.


Oh wow, now it's working,just got signal again and a few texts few. I hope it doesn't keep going off and in again like it has done all day


What's is wrong with 3 today?


No Signal in PO14 postcode

Hi anyone else got no signal in the ub55 area? Three support is useless, coverage checker will not recognise my postcode yet it will if I search for a local store.when recognize the post code only minir issue apper The live chat is useless no response at all and nobody answering a phone. Totally usles...


earlier today i went online and topped up my credit. i had to re register as 3 has apparently up graded. now the phone is not working it keeps saying: mobile network not available. it was fine before i topped up i can't phone out and no body can phone me, help