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Three is the worst company


I contacted Three UK back in March informing them of my financial struggles as a single mum and as a result of living crisis. I've been struggling for months but tried my best to stay on top of things. I've been with three for over 6 years and always paid my bills on time. My contract is ending end of July 2024 so I've asked to be able to downgrade my plan earlier if possible to aid my financial struggles. I've spoke to customer service via chat and after explaining my situation I was PROMISED that if I paid my bill in full right then (which would had left me with £10 for the next two weeks but worth for the next months of less payments...I thought) I would be able to downgrade. Unfortunately, few minutes after I paid, I was told that they weren't able to downgrade my plan straight away but not to worry as I should contact them the next day and it should be sorted. The next day I was told that I should give it couple of days at least. Couple of days later I was told that I should give it a week at least. Come next month payment (surprise surprise still struggling financially) I was told that they were still unable to downgrade my plan however, they gave me a discount of £5 or £10, which was great and I paid my bill no issues. Another month comes and again somehow I have not managed to become filthy rich... I contacted Three to remind them of their promise. I mean thar is just abusing someone in a vulnerable state. I was again told they were unable to downgrade my plan. I gathered then they just completely misled me. However, I was again given about £5. Any discount was good as it helped. However, surprise surprise Three then woke up that I don't have direct debit set up so decided to add £5 penalty for that. I'm glad they are taking people financial struggles into their hearts... I contacted them again via chat and was kicked out 3 times (pun unintended) and by 4th time I was transferred to about 4 different departments, again promised I will be able to downgrade with no fees attached, but then they confused themselves as they meant upgrade 🤦🏻‍♀️ so in the end (after about three hours on my phone) I was told they are unable to downgrade. So I've put a complaint in. I felt like they made an idiot out of me and shouldn't be gaslighting people. So, I just got off the phone with 'lovely' complaint department who wasn't able to resolve my complaint, even when I asked for the direct debit penalty to be taken off at least; I explained that I can't prioritise paying for a bill over feeding my kids; I was given an option of an extension... option of asking friends or family for money...but I'm the most thankful for the priceless budgetting advice I was given from the main manager/supervisor of complaint department. He was able to understand me on personal level as he was a single dad too and he managed to prioritise his bills. Nothing more understanding than having someone being patronising and comparing your situation to someone else's👍 let's not forget that I was also given the option to extend my extension because magically I would be able to produce three payments all at once. All I asked for was to take off the direct debit penalty charge... the complaint was closed but not resolved but I was asked if I wanted to put a note on my account that I was dissatisfied...Yes, I did want that note on there and everywhere I can think off. 

No need to say that my life mission will be to spread the word of how awful and disgraceful company Three UK is!!!!! As well as cancelling my contract on the day I'm able to leave them.

Thank you for reading.

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They're a business, not a charity.

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I feel for you I really do and I say that in the least patronising way possible,but even if you take at face value that Threes dealings with you could’ve been handled better I have to agree with Geluk in as much as the company are in business to make money first and foremost and are not a charity. I’m going to tag your post to a forum moderator who works for Three to see if they can put you in touch with someone who can help. No guarantees but no harm in trying.

@JonathanB Is any further advice or help available to this customer?

Good Luck.


Get a job 

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Bit harsh!  I suppose you’ve never fallen on hard times. If you can’t be polite then be quiet.