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I am not sure whether to use this forum as a complaint forum as you wont take any of my complaints seriously, you will just do whatever the hell you want, and take whatever organisation that i'm associated with (in a weird way) and get some kind of sponsorship deals to use for you. This doesn't help me whatsoever. So you can do whatever the hell you like and stop listening in to my phonecalls. 

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This is a public space and we have no access to your account and I doubt that 3 can identify you from your rant. So the only way for 3 yo stop listening to your calls is to ignore everyones.

If you have a specific complaint then you can make it here in clear and polite terms and hope that one of the moderators picks up your post.

Please do not post any personal details here.

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With respect you’re coming across as a bit of a paranoid fruit loop in your post. Nobody on this forum (or Three) would be able to listen in to your calls and as for your point on some sort of sponsorship,well I confess I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re rambling on about. So all in all there’s nothing I can do to help you as I don’t know what the problem is. You mentioned the word complaint so I will direct you to the complaints section of the Three website. Alternatively you can speak to customer service on 333 or via chat if you’re payg. All I would urge you to do is be constructive in describing your issue,then you might have a chance of getting it sorted.