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Repeated network issues


For the last 4 months or more we have been suffering with repeated outages. My husband and I both have three mobile contracts and our Broadband is also with Three. 
whenever there’s an issue we just get told to restart our phones, reset network settings, reboot the router. 

we’ve been out of action today for over three hours and we both work from home. I managed to get onto the chat and was advised again to reset network settings and reboot router. I was asked for an alternate contact number so gave my work number which is with another provider. 
I reset the settings as requested and they called me on my own number and then hung up as they couldn’t hear me due to my network issues. 

I feel like I’m banging my head against brick wall. 
has anyone been able to get proper support? Ive been with Three for years but this last 6 months or so we’ve really had issues and it’s making me lose faith in them. 


Unfortunately, this is what your average Three customer comes to expect sooner or later. I haven't even bothered to contact support myself as I know I'll be wrung out to dry with your typical "reboot your phone" or "turn off your mobile data for a few minutes and turn it back on".

When I first joined Three a few months ago, the network was under maintenance and I experienced 3G (H+) speeds of 20mbps down and around 2mbps up, plenty for my needs. However, after the maintenance concluded and the 3G network was presumably decommissioned in my rural area, the internet speed has been absolutely abysmal on 4G to the point where I've had to get a secondary SIM from VOXI to simply stay afloat as my download speeds barely reach past 1mbps and the upload speed test often fails because of how terrible it is.

Although Three was a good network a few years ago, I would advise against joining them today. If you can afford it, get yourself a SIM with an MVNO like Lyca or VOXI and just ride out the contract. It'll be way better than attempting to deal with what is essentially the worst network provider in everyone's area (which you think wouldn't be possible as I can see a massive cell tower in the distance from where I live but hey, Three is always filled with surprises!).

If your signal is horrible and you're a person who is claiming government benefits, raise a complaint with Ofcom or the body for communication ombudsman as they should get your case sorted in the long run.