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The worst network in the UK avoid


The useless network in the uk

Subject: Complaint Regarding Poor Network Coverage and Unreliable Data and Calls

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the poor network coverage and unreliable data and calls provided by your network. Despite being a loyal customer, I have consistently encountered issues with connectivity, making it difficult to use my phone for essential tasks.

The frequent network failures have significantly disrupted my ability to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues, impacting both personal and professional communication. Moreover, the unreliable data service has hindered my access to essential online resources, including emails, navigation, and other applications crucial for daily activities.

I have noticed that even in areas with supposedly strong signal strength, the network frequently drops, leading to dropped calls and slow or non-existent data connections. This has become increasingly frustrating and unacceptable, especially I pay for your services been a loyal customer for years

As a customer, I expect reliable network coverage and consistent data and call services. However, the persistent issues I have encountered indicate a failure on your part to deliver on these expectations. I urge you to take immediate action to address these issues and improve the quality of your network services.

I request that you provide a detailed explanation of the steps you will take to rectify this situation and ensure a more reliable network experience for your customers. Additionally, I would appreciate compensation for the inconvenience and frustration caused by the ongoing network problems.

Shabir ali


I’m sorry but this isn’t customer service it’s a public discussion forum with no access to your account. You’ll need to redirect your complaint to customer service on 333 if you’re on contract or via live chat if you’re payg.


The service has definitely gotten worse. I have been with 3 for probably 12-15 years now and it's got gradually worse. Customer service has also been on a downward spiral. 5G is a waste of time where I am. 4G+ just as bad. Fed up with it..3 don't care, they have your money. We'll my contract is up in 2 months and I'll be off to another network.


I'll be off when my contract is up. Network is rubbish. Has got worse. 5G? That's a laugh. 4G barely works.....


Unfortunately I have another year to go and then off very poor service


Well I’m clearly in something of a minority! Yes I’ve had issues (all sorted) but for what I’m paying for unlimited everything and broadband it’s a trade off I’m prepared to make. That’s not to say I don’t recognise the issues people experience with the network because I absolutely do. But for me it’s (at the moment) all good.