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Have a Pay As You Go question? Read this first

There are 2 different plans on Pay As You Go. The Pay As You Go plan has been available since 7 July 2013, and the New Pay As You Go plan was launched on 12 March 2020. Each plan has a separate app and support options may differ slightly.   To avoid ...

StephR by Employee
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Mifi only Three User

Is there a way to turn off the OTP code issued every time you access the website. I only have a three MIFI device as an alternative to my main carrier. I don't have a three phone and its a pain to have to keep moving the sim card from the mifi device...

rsage by Fledgling
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I have had problem with my iphone, I have contacted three mobile by phone twice they told me to get report from iphone re condition and fault, then phoned again to three they told me to send all information to e mail address above, i was told they wo... NOT WORKING

COMPLAINT NUMBER - 231127101620630I have sent multiple emails to no response. I have tried speaking to complaints and customer support but they are saying that they are not able to do anything without tracking ID. I have emailed ...

ed5551 by Fledgling
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I have been trying to contact for over 3 weeks, I have sent three e-mails over that period with no reply,  I have phoned twice taking 15 to 20 mins each time and been told to send information to proofs e mail address. No answers yet,...

Unable to see details for second sim

Hi, I have a three sim on my phone and have created the account in the new three-account format. This means that this is now attached to my email address. I have a second SIM on my tablet but cannot see the usage as I can't add this SIM to my account...

Transfer gone wrong.

My contract (personal account) came to an end so transferred my number onto a sim on my account but on doing so they have replaced my husbands number instead of the sim card. We are now over 2 weeks from having no access to my husband's number (rever...

PrePaid Add on not credited

In October I used DIng to buy two vouchers for Data packs. The first one to begin on October 12, the other to begin November 12th. My 3 account shows both purchases, since the data packs are only good for 30 days. However, after November 12th, the se...

LC by Fledgling
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