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4G Calling Abroad

Whether it’s for that just in case of emergency call, or so you can give your family and friends back home a moment by moment playback of your time away, staying connected whilst abroad is really important. Many networks around the world are already ...

JonathanB by Community Moderator
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Split port?

I purchased a phone from 3 around 2 months ago, it took close to a month for me to receive the phone and since then I have been unable to receive calls or texts from anyone who isn't on the 3 network after transferring my number from o2 (I believe th...

Can't Recieve Calls or Texts outside of Three Network Users

I have had this problem since I first ported my old number from GiffGaff over to Three.I can't recieve any calls or text which have not meant I cant access certain accounts that want a number to verfity that they sent to my number,I have been in chat...

Repeated network issues

For the last 4 months or more we have been suffering with repeated outages. My husband and I both have three mobile contracts and our Broadband is also with Three. whenever there’s an issue we just get told to restart our phones, reset network settin...

The worst network in the UK avoid

The useless network in the ukSubject: Complaint Regarding Poor Network Coverage and Unreliable Data and CallsI am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the poor network coverage and unreliable data and calls provided by your network. Des...

Voicemail kicking in

Hi, how do I shorten time before voicemail kicks in, it takes long currently

Andy1005 by Fledgling
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Best solution Problems receiving texts/calls.

Hi,I recently swapped from O2 to Three PAYG. Yesterday was the day of my number being forwarded. I can see that it has been forwarded (Checked the number) and I can make calls outbound. (My O2 sim disconnected yesterday).But i cannot receive any text...

KAO17 by Fledgling
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Can't receive messages while abroad

I am in India and I am not able to receive SMS sent by my bank to log into my banking. I have switched the device off, and on, and I have a virtual sim.Please help!

tdhuria by Fledgling
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Ported from Spusu help

Hiya I recently ported from Spusu and now I cannot receive calls it's saying number not recognised and I cannot even call myself it just times out cannot get certain texts or send certain texts even to myself please help thank you 

Altaieu by Fledgling
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Porting Issue

I am a new customer to Three from EE and decided to transfer my existing number over, unfortunately the port seems to haven't worked properly i can send calls, texts and use data but when trying to call my number i get "sorry this number is not recog...