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4G Calling Abroad

Whether it’s for that just in case of emergency call, or so you can give your family and friends back home a moment by moment playback of your time away, staying connected whilst abroad is really important. Many networks around the world are already ...

JonathanB by Community Moderator
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Network Issues 09/02

Hi Everyone, Following an issue with our network for a number of customers, services have now recovered. If you're still having an issue, please restart your device to reconnect to our network. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. We'...

JonathanB by Community Moderator
  • 105 replies

Number porting issue

Please help!! I previously encountered an error about a week after I joined Three and ported my number from O2. All worked fine until I received a disconnection message from Three, which occurred as my ported number had been lost. After contacting cu...

Best solution New Unlimited Lite Airtime Plan - No network/calls allowance?

I purchased a new phone and contract last week, a Unlimited Lite Airtime plan with 5G and unlimited data and calls.My new SIM arrived but it did not have my old SIM's number. A week later the old contract has fully ended but the number still hasn't s...

Esim problem

eSIM just not working at all. Says no cservice and I try airplane, turn off and on the sim, turn off and on phone and nothing. I’ll include pictures. Went to Morrisons and now it’s working. Nothing online says any maintenance   

IMG_0580.jpeg IMG_0579.png

data-pack cannot be purchased

it is still not possible to buy a package on the new pay as you go card. Can you please solve this problem? This has been going on for over 2 months now!!!

Danil by Fledgling
  • 2 replies

Proof of usage and barring

Hello - my phone was stolen on 17th January and on the 18th January I contacted 3 to have the handset barred and request proof of usage and barring to complete my insurance claim. I was told it could take up to 5 working days to receive this and havi...

Receiving OTP messages from overseas Bank

I am facing this issue with a specific overseas bank and limited to just OTP messages, I seem to receive all other transaction related messages and receive OTP messages from other UK Banks. This issue was intermittent when I was at O2 but now is a co...

hirjia by Fledgling
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Roaming not working at all

Hi, My roaming never seems to work whenever I leave the UK. I'm on holiday in france now and I'm having to rely on other people's hotspot for connections. But it's never really worked in any other country I've been in either for ages.I get the sms to...

Bren by Fledgling
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I'm not receiving text messages or OTPs

Hello Three Community,I'm having terrible experience with three from the past 4 months. So here is my issue in detail:I joined Three in the first week of October 2023, I switched from Lebara PAYG to Three Pay Monthly, and everything was good the swit...

prah_s33 by Fledgling
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Cannot send SMS to one number

I can no longer send SMS to my daughters phone get instant message failed to send when trying . I need to as she often has data off . Her phone can send to me and other people I can sms fine . Can’t find a fix with Apple who say it’s a theee issue . ...