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4G Calling Abroad

Whether it’s for that just in case of emergency call, or so you can give your family and friends back home a moment by moment playback of your time away, staying connected whilst abroad is really important. Many networks around the world are already ...

JonathanB by Community Moderator
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Why my Internet not working

  I have lost the connection from my phone I don't know why my Internet not working     

Kubook by Fledgling
  • 3 replies

Access Voicemail from another phone

Just curious if anyone knows how the Three system knows which voicemail account to access via just the PIN? To access your VM from any phone, you can call +447782 333 123, followed by your PIN.Given that the PIN can be a minimum of 4 numbers, there's...

Best solution voicemail

hi does anyone know if i can decrease the ring time before it hits voicemail at present its set to 30 secound i want it set to 20 secounds as people tend to hang up before its hitting voicemail 

How to disable voicemail??

Does anyone know which options to choose in Three's automated support system to reach this mythical 'turn off voicemail' option? The website just says 'call 333' but when I do, none of the call menu options relate to voicemail settings, and there doe...

Voice message note for un attended call

Hi, i want to know if someone calls me and i didn't attend a call due to any reason like being busy or away from cellphone, i want to leave a voice message for them to sound automatically after end of ringing . Whats the procedure for it ?

Voicemail turn-on/turn-off

Why do we need to call customer services to activate/deactivate voicemail?. Every other network I know has a self-service option. Why not Three ?

Laz by Fledgling
  • 3 replies

Long overdue changes for 2023

In the next few months might Three give us: 1) Missed Call Alerts2) Visual Voicemail for android and ios 3) the ability to switch off / on regular voicemail  without having to call 333 or taking part in a Live Chat Three is supposedly one of the "Big...

Best solution Three Voicemail - how do you manage to have a standard greeting?

When using voicemail Three's standard message is "447... is not available". When I called voicemail for the first time it made me record my name. I don’t really want my name or a personalised greeting I just want the standard default network automate...

MZone by Superstar
  • 7 replies

New features

Come on Three UK, it’s almost 2023 now, still no esim support for mobile phones! Also would like to see Visual Voiicemail too, Three is the only major network not to offer these!Ive also noticed Three have increased their annual price rice from 4.5% ...

a_ukboy by Active
  • 4 replies

Voicemail not working

Hi.I’ve been having a problem with my voicemail for over a week now, every time I try to access it I get the following message “your voicemail has been restricted, please call customer services”I’ve spoken to numerous people several times a day for o...

GW by Active
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