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MiFi 4G Home broadband

Morning all,Started using the above at the end of June and have had nothing but problems with it since day one. Poor connection being the main issue. I have had the device in every possible place and position in the flat without any joy. Every week f...


My coverage checker currently shows 5g is not available in my area (PA2***) and my address shows as uncolored. Millimeters away (map wise) 5g shows as available outdoors. In practice, I can now get 5g on my mobile indoors with a consistent speed of o...

Nirron01 by Fledgling
  • 1 replies

Signal Strength 5G

I tried moving my Router to an upstairs window today , this resulted in a marked increase in signal strength and quality, so i bought a Tp_link from argos to improve the wifi downstairs , and now my network is performing much better, i also now have ...

Best solution 4g reception

Hi all. I have an XTE 5g modem and get great speeds. I will be going on holiday shortly to a site that has no Wi-Fi. The 3uk coverage map says that there is ‘good service’ on 4g but no 5g. If I take my modem will it automatically connect to 4g or do ...

Upgraded from 4g to 5g hub

I recently upgraded from 4g to 5g hub and ever since I plugged it in it has a red network light. Can anyone tell me what this means. Is it broken? As you can probably tell I'm not that tech savvy. 

Broadband speed

Recently received a 4G+ hub , it has medium strength signal all over the house , connected easy to all my devices, however, the speed is so variable it can be as low as 5 Mb the fastest I got has been 25 Mb most of the time it’s about 10 Mb , when 3 ...

Krisr by Regular
  • 6 replies

4g to 5g

Called to upgrade my contract from 4g to 5g this morning but told there would be a fee of £284 to come out of my 4g contract. This seems ridiculous that you cannot upgrade and start a new 24 month contract when I would be paying 3 20 a month instead ...

ALI1 by Fledgling
  • 5 replies
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