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Have a Pay As You Go question? Read this first

There are 2 different plans on Pay As You Go. The Pay As You Go plan has been available since 7 July 2013, and the New Pay As You Go plan was launched on 12 March 2020. Each plan has a separate app and support options may differ slightly.   To avoid ...

StephR by Employee
  • 0 replies

Roaming in Ireland

Morning all....I bought the phone for my son and he must have reached the £45 maximum roaming charge when he was interrailing across Europe (data stopped working).  We live in Northern Ireland and he is now holidaying in Donegal (Republic Of Ireland)...

AndyR by Fledgling
  • 1 replies

Payment and data query

Hello  i buy a contract of sim for 100gb data and unlimited texts and messages at 14 pounds but now 24 has been deducted from my account and my data is shown as unlimited  i just want 100gb data at 14 pounds can you please help me to do that thanks

E-Mail for a contract I have no knowledge of

I received the below e-mail last night and its not for a number I have ever owned.  One disturbing fact is how long the contract has been opened for which is since at least 2011 but this is the first time I have ever heard of it.  Below is a good chu...

ROUTE->DEFAULT when trying to use Live Chat

Hi There, I am trying to use Live Chat to talk to someone at 3 this morning and after entering mobile number it just says "ROUTE->DEFAULT" and then nothing else happens.  Is the chat service currently off-line?Thanks D 

Roaming charges offer

All, I would like to know if anyone else was offered the opportunity to get free roaming if you signed up for a contract before the 1st Oct 2021? I was offered this and signed up 30 Oct 21. I have recently found out that as 3 did not process my contr...

DS by Fledgling
  • 3 replies

Best solution Go Roam in Europe Fair Use

In Three's FAQ it says "In our Go Roam in Europe destinations, you can use up to 12BG of your data allowance. Any usage over this fair use limit but within your allowance is subject to a surcharge."I can't find anywhere any more information about thi...

DuncanB by Fledgling
  • 11 replies

Email for proof of payment

Is anyone able to provide me with the email address where you send proof of payment to, so they can unblock your account because you DID pay on time, but 3 claim you didn’t?

My App - quick switch between accounts

I have a number of accounts - I know wishing the My 3 App - that I can logout - then Login using the drop down - however, would like the option to switch between accounts from within the App - is this something might be added?

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